Art Influencer

Do you love unique art and have a social following or website that you think our products would be a perfect fit to share with your followers? Do you want to earn cash just for sharing a unique and high converting product?

3 product types to earn from!

custom digital portrait

Digital custom portrait

Our popular digital custom portraits, often ordered for social media use, as well as print applications. We have one of the largest varieties to reach all audiences!

canvas portrait prints canada

Canvas art print

We offer canvas print for portraits and all our wall art, ready to hang so our customers can display their new art as soon as it arrives. Comes in all sizes.

fine art prints canada

Fine art print

Beautifully wood framed fine art prints, ready to mount in either black or white trim. Also available unframed so all budgets can order a twisted piece of wall art.

Who are we looking for?

We welcome anyone, with any following count to join!
Our program works great for the following accounts:
-Art and photography bloggers/social accounts
-Mommy blogger/social accounts, for all the custom child portraits and unique wall art!
-Pet Instagram/social accounts as we do pet portraits!
-Wedding influencers. One of our most popular products is custom wedding portraits.
-Goth/Horror pages as I have a passion for dark & twisted wall art!
-Gamer or Fitness influencers as we make epic wall art.
Pretty much anyone can join as everyone appreciates twisted wall art.

What's in it for you?

-Twisted 13% commission from all purchases made by visitors who came through your affiliate link or using your discount code
-Possibility to earn from BULK orders (wedding events..etc)
-Earn from ALL products, including portraits, art prints and digital portraits
-Dedicated discount code to share with your fans and increase your sales. All our store sales will be reduced on the store itself, no other discounts will be given out EXCEPT for influencer discounts! So your discount code will be searched for to get an even better deal.
-Be part of giveaways to your fans to increase your sales & following
-Discounted art. We want our influencers to appreciate our work and be able to show it in real person, so reach out and we will happily send you some discounted art or even free digital portraits to help promote.

Influencer FAQs

When do I get paid or can withdrawn my earnings?
We manually payout all approved commissions every Friday via Paypal (or optional etransfer for Canadian affiliates) when you have reached $25 minimum so you dont have to wait weeks for payouts!

Do I need a Paypal account then?
Yes if you are not from Canada. In order for us to send your earnings, you will need a Paypal account which is free to join. If you are from Canada, we can still send via Paypal OR you have the option of an email money transfer.

How do I know if I made a sale?
Your account will show all sales from your promotions using your discount code or link. Sales are calculated on the "sub total" as we don't include the taxes as part of the total sale. As well we will notify you by email once a referred sale has been made and goes into review. Due to cancellations on occasion with custom portraits, we only approve commissions once an order is finished, which is why we manually verify commissions and a follow up email will be sent once your referall commission is approved. We do this also to avoid referall fraud in the system.

Approved commission?
Commissions will be approved once we complete the order in case of any misunderstandings with customers when ordering. On rare occasions portrait orders are made without having adequate photos to work with and we have to cancel/refund those customers. 99% of the time we can discuss different photo options and save your referral.

Can I order through my own link/discount?
Sorry but our system will not recognize self referalls. But reach out if you are an approved influencer and we would be happy to give your an even better discounted rate for any art to help with your promotion and as a perk for being part of our influencer program. *note, for us to avoid fraudulent accounts getting discounted art, we require at least one prior post/public share in relation to Twisted Depiction to confirm your intent.

How do I signup?
Follow the SIGN UP link (bottom of page). We manually review all accounts to ensure the quality of accounts joining and promoting our site/products and reserve the right to deny anyone we see not suited for our program & products.
*Note we do require your social accounts and/or website so we can review them to ensure we are not getting fake signups (no minimum followers required, not to worry), but more importantly so we can follow you and help with promotions or possible giveaway collaborations. *Mandatory for us to ensure authenticity of accounts, otherwise we may reach out or remove any unconfirmed influencer signups.

Is there any fee for me to join?
There are no fees, or costs to join and start earning with us.

Can I used photos from your site to help promote?
Twisted Depiction Influencers can of course use our photos if it helps in your promotions. We encourage you to share/repost any of our Instagram/Facebook posts or stories in order to gain attention. Feel free to modify or add your discount code to ensure your followers use it in order to earn your commission from any sales ;)
NOTE* we protect our images from being copied off our site with right click disabled, reach out if you want any photos at all, or see in your affiliate portal for media options ready to go.

Is there any requirement to join?
We are looking for quality accounts, nothing of hate or spammy type accounts that can negatively represent our business and products. You can be crazy, weird, fun, or all of the above as we like twisted minds!

Any restrictions or further info I should be aware of?
We reserve the right to remove any members/terminate the relationship if they are found: Making any guarantees on behalf of our company that do not fit within our companies services or marketing materials, spam or promoting our company in any way that violates laws or regulations, promoting in any illegal, unlawful or discriminatory way. We also reserve the right to make program changes at anytime and will notify all influencers of any changes made so they can decide to continue with the program and new changes.

*Disclosure - All influencers agree to disclose any posts/material are sponsored with text such as #sponsored, #ad, #influencer, #ambassador..etc to adhere to FTC guidelines.
*Influencers are solely responsible for any and all tax obligations.

Liability Limitations
You expressly agree and understand that the Company shall not be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential or any other damages including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profit, goodwill, or other intangible losses resulting from the ambassador program.

Create your influencer code & link
After signing up, you will be given an automated affiliate link to promote. As well during the approval process we will set you up with a discount code, related to your business/social name.